What exactly is a detox diet and why should anyone detox?

Well, to put it simply, a detox diet entails a period when you abstain from unhealthy foods and follow a strict regimen of eating fruit & vegetables, drinking water, herbs and tea. During detoxification you are ridding the body of toxic substances.

Many people who go on a detox diet are unaware of exactly how they work or what is in the mixtures they’re eating or drinking. Thus, analyzing each individual component that goes into a detox drink or detox diet is important as it can help you understand how your protocol is aiding you and how each detox ingredient is providing you with the health and fitness benefits you need.

Now below is a list of powerful fruits to include in your detox diet:

  1. LEMON

What fruit makes your skin glow, aids in digestion, helps you lose weight and boosts your energy after that awesome run or workout at the gym? Yes, it’s the lemon! This fruit is packed with vitamin C which contains antioxidants that promote glowing skin, reduce pigmentation, blemishes and is a powerful weapon to combat acne. If you swap your soda, fruit juice or energy drink for a lemon detox, you will not only keep yourself hydrated, but you can decrease your caloric intake and speed up weight loss. Moreover, including lemon into your detox water will bring out benefits such as an immunity boost (for those who easily catch a cold) and prevention of kidney stones.


This is one of my favourite detox ingredients. One of the biggest benefits of strawberries is their fiber content which helps in suppressing appetite. Strawberries can absorb water and slow down digestive processes while expanding the stomach which leads to reduced hunger and cravings. So, if weight loss is your goal, strawberries are a big help and should be added to your diet as frequently as possible. Strawberries can help prevent inflammation. Inflammation is the culprit of cell damage, diabetes and mental illness. Due to their high vitamin C content, strawberries fight inflammation and they keep nasty symptoms at bay.


Is it a vegetable or is it a fruit? Well, the cucumber is commonly thought to be a vegetable by many, however, it is a fruit! This fruit is packed with antioxidants that help fight cancer and autoimmune diseases. It promotes hydration as water is crucial to your body’s function, aids in weight loss, lowers blood sugar and supports regular bowel movements.

  1. LIME

Several skin care products claim to promote healthier, younger looking skin. However, there is no need to spend money on expensive products to improve the smoothness and appearance of your skin. Limes contain vitamin C and flavonoids, the antioxidants that strengthen collagen. Drinking lime water can hydrate and rejuvenate your skin.During the cold and flu season, you are at a risk of getting an infection, therefore, if you want to stay healthy, sip on lime juice throughout the day.

Limes contain vitamin C and antioxidants that can strengthen your immune system and help your body fight off infections such as the cold and flu virus. It may also shorten the duration of an illness. Finally, Limes reduce inflammation. Arthritis, gout, and other joint problems are all caused by inflammation. Vitamin C can reduce the level of inflammation in your body, thus adding lime to water can relieve symptoms of arthritis and similar conditions that cause joint pain and stiffness.


This fruit is known as nature’s candy. Wild raspberries have been gathered for consumption by humans for thousands of years. With their rich color, sweet juicy taste, and antioxidant power, it is no wonder raspberries remain one of the world’s most consumed berries. Raspberries can range in color from the popular red and black varieties to purple, yellow, or golden.

Raspberries improve brain power. They aid in memory improvement and decrease the decline in cognitive ability related to aging. According to a recent report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, raspberries are shown to lower the risk cardiovascular diseases. This is because they contain potassium which supports heart health. Moreover, raspberries contain powerful antioxidants that fight against free radicals that inhibit tumor growth.

Now, to reap multiple health benefits from taking detox water, try to mix up your ingredients. If your reason for detoxing is clear skin-make sure you overload your water with all the fruits that promote clear skin. Lastly, always remember to analyse the ingredients you put in your detox water in order to reap maximum benefits and reach your health and fitness goals.
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