Faith Mandebvu- Edenairs Founder

Hello there & Welcome to my blog!

First of all, I’d like to thank you for showing interest in Edenairs. You are awesome!

I’m Faith, a self taught baker/chef, recipe developer and food photographer eager to learn more. If you are a lover of all things sweet & savory , well especially the sweet side and you are looking to bake something really yummy for the people you love – then you’ve come to the right place!

My purpose on this blog?

To provide healthy-delicious and tested recipes with detailed and simple instructions so anyone can make them.

About me

I currently reside in South Africa (Cape Town) and I love every aspect of food and nutrition. I am also an avid runner ( particularly 5 km) and spend at least 30 minutes exercising to keep fit ( since I love eating) :). To all park runners out there you rock ! (you can join me for park-runs at Strand beach park-run)!

I developed Edenairs because I believe in sustainable development in this world full of environmental challenges. I am passionate about healthy eating and meal prep. It is no secret that day to day stress levels that the body is subjected to brings a lot of health challenges of which one of them being unhealthy eating which leads to numerous diseases .It is my heartfelt desire to inform people about how to care for your body, maintain healthy weight and enjoy food. On this platform, I will also be posting some lovely recipes so look forward to that.

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